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Our auditing and diagnostic solutions help you to re(calibrate) your actions for quality of work life

Our consultants provide support to gauge the congruence between your HR policy and managerial practices in your organisation.

Auditing and diagnostics

Choosing an audit

Choosing an audit is the first step towards maximum coherence between your projects and your practices.

In addition to time and financial considerations, choosing an audit also reflects and highlights your corporate values: What is the core purpose(s) of your organisation? What is its vision? What type of engagement is it looking for? SQHIL performs audits that enhance the expression of your corporate values.

To undertake an audit is to initiate a chain reaction of ‘collateral benefits’: benefits shared by staff, users, partners, etc. and therefore your organisation.

SQHIL audit objectives

Promote your talents

We mainly perform the following three types of audit for our clients.

Management Audit

Quality of Work Life Audit

HRP Capacity Diagnosis


Competence in all areas

We mainly perform the following three types of audit for our clients.

* Management Audit

Your company’s ambitions are set out in two parts, namely those of your employees and, at the forefront, those of your managers. A management audit helps to verify compliance between your company’s vision and how it is managed on the ground.

This enables our consultants to analyse your managerial practices and working relationships within your organisation in order to identify areas of cohesion and gaps requiring the appropriate adjustments.

This audit is a springboard to raise the visibility of good practices and to drive managerial actions that are a vehicle for collective success from one end of the working relationship chain to the other.

A huge step towards aligning words with actions!

* Quality of work life audit


Taking the initiative to assess the Quality of Work Life of employees in your organisation sends a strong signal to staff that you want to improve it.


The issue of choice, relevance, validity and sharing the resulting indicators is a first step towards benefitting from the audit analysis and implementing its recommendations.


This audit is a tool to enhance your best practices in terms of well-being in the workplace. We place the focus on your current and potential strengths.



The Quality of Work Life audit shapes a series of action plans for an ethical and strategic transition, using a sustainable and durable management style designed to promote human achievement within the organisation.



*  HRP Capacity and Diagnosis


The Capacity Diagnosis is an inventory of your Human Resource Planning policy. This diagnosis focuses on the appropriate allocation of current skills and forecasts future requirements in order to achieve your strategic objectives.

The HRP Capacity Diagnosis provides a precise chart of your employees’ capabilities. What skills do your staff have? What areas of expertise do you require and can you count upon the flexibility of your employees for this? What are your future skills requirements that you need to be planning for now?

This audit facilitates the forecasting of overall social, economic, technological and organisational trends as accurately as possible in order to adapt your employees’ skills.

The art of management

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.
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