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In response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many companies perform all work online.

Remote work is the new norm.

Our mission is to help employees and managers stay empowered, efficient, focused, and psychologically healthy as they work from home during the current global pandemic.

We engineer solutions to solve their different issues : our consultants provide one to one visio conference to offer the expected tailormaid support. 

TEAMS : Setting Up Remote Work and collaboration

employees : work life balance challenges

Managers : Structuring remote work

top management : design the future of the workforce

Procedural expertise to boost your expansion

Leadership, Management and Talent Management: Quality of Work Life, key of your success

Your prospects are our projects


SQHIL focuses on people with you:

We task ourselves with creating internal satisfaction that will enable your external benefits to flourish.

Consulting and Support

The management consultant: your sherpa for quality of work life

Quality of work life allows you to create, expand and increase your business activity and profits. This requires being supported and advised by enlightened – and enlightening – professionals, and starting by asking the right questions:

What are the creative strengths adding value within your organisation? How can you amplify their impact? What are the expected outcomes that can be achieved by and for your employees? At what price? And in what sort of time frame?

Approach, methodology, tools, implementations… we are by your side every step of the way.

management consulting

A Catalyst for Change

If consulting services in quality of work life, sustainable management, and responsible leadership are becoming increasingly popular, it is because organisations have noticed the favourable financial benefits that make up for the associated costs.

Not an exhaustive list, but here are some good reasons to get started.

in A few words

Keys to Success


Trust, motivation, responsibility, communication, empathy, charisma…
Because the stakes can be measured by their impact, SQHIL supports the individual and collective dynamic in the move towards a durable, sustainable and people-focused style of leadership.

This provides an opportunity to finely tune the expertise that allows for fluidity of actions by capitalising on past successes.

Discover liberated leadership, refine your business communication methods, encourage team loyalty based around a vision of excellence within your organisation… we will be by your side to turn your project into your reality.


This is not a hollow word: from experienced members of staff to new recruits, occasional clients to loyal customers, there is no better driver than satisfaction.

For this reason, SQHIL makes it a priority in everything it does and puts it at the heart of business development considerations.

Our challenge is to create a chain reaction of shared business benefits so that all the stakeholders in your organisation can reap the benefits and are committed to making your company successful.

The art of management

The art of conducting consists of knowing when to stop conducting to let the orchestra play.
Herbert von Karajan


Being supported by a management consultant gives you the opportunity to foster your employees’ talents as well as your own.

Our consultants will support you in developing your business skills across the board in order to breathe new life into your business activity, revitalise your day-to-day operations and learn how to bring everybody’s potential to fruition.

Consulting is a great ace to have up your sleeve; whether you are dealing with natural talents or trained ones, talent that has been acquired by chance or deliberately, knowing which types of talents are available allows you to evaluate how flexible, sustainable, efficient and simple they will be to implement.



There is increasing competition between organisations in terms of Quality of Work Life and this is very transparent on social media.

This is an opportunity for an organisation to promote its policy in a concerted and carefully considered manner.

Our consultants are there to ensure that this area is not left to chance and to assist with creating the event and contributing to an organisation with a reassuring image and a great future. As an additional spin-off benefit, this helps to attract new talents while boosting the loyalty of high-performance employees.

A lever for managers who want to take control of their career and future

Boost your Career : design your quality of work life 

Think your career with a quality of work life view : the warranty of a reliable project.

These days, professional and personal transitions can be initiated with increasing speed, and taking advantage of external, objective and experienced support is, of course, a great way to boost your career transformation.

SQHIL helps to define your career plan

Together we can design a career plan that reflects both your professional and personal aspirations.

You know that change is coming and you want to plan your future career with peace of mind.

We take a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

What is the difference between a personal career coach and professional coaching?Professional support adopts a two-pronged approach, taking an in-depth look at your strengths and ambitions while providing you with a solid (legal?) basis for your decisions to enable you to establish a viable and lasting career path.

The art of management

Know thyself.

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